About Jolly Holly the Balloon Twister

Jolly Holly is a professional balloon twister and clown who has received her training from Laugh Makers Clown School, Ithaca NY; Clown Fest, Seaside Heights, New Jersey and Pricilla Mooseburger’s New England Clown Camp, Lenox Mass. Jolly Holly has been clowning for over 25 years. She does magic, face painting and balloon twisting.

Jolly Holly makes amazing balloon sculptures. For most events she makes what is sometimes known as “F” and “F” – – Fast and Fabulous. These are balloon sculptures made with between 4 and 8 balloons. While Jolly Holly CAN make more elaborate balloons such as helicopters, balloon baskets and bicycles, these take much longer to sculpt and are not suitable for birthday parties.

She entertains folks of all ages at birthday parties and special events. What’s a party without balloons? Whether it’s hats, hearts, animals or cartoon character, Jolly Holly Balloon Twister will bring smiles to children’s faces! Balloon twisting is ideal for children over 3 years old.

Jolly Holly entertains both children and adults alike at schools, private parties, street festivals, libraries, company picnics and family reunions.
she travels all over eastern Pennsylvania delivering quality family entertainment. She is a professional Balloon Twister. This includes face painting, balloon sculpting, comedy magic and silly humor. All of Jolly Holly’s humor is wholesome and suitable for family entertainment.

She has outstanding references.

How do you make this year’s special event the best ever? Invite Jolly Holly Balloon Twister, that’s how!!

Jolly Holly got her training at Laugh Maker’s Clown Schools, Clown Fest on the Jersey Shore and Priscilla Moosburger’s Clown Camp.
However, because so many children (and adults!) are uncomfortable around clowns, Jolly Holly prefers to dress in more classic apparel.
Jolly will come to your event wearing black pants, red and white horizontally-striped shirt, and a baseball cap.
She will also wear a balloon apron which displays her balloons in a colorful and playful manner.
For an additional fee, she can also appear in clown costuming.

Does the art of balloon twisting interest you?
Invite Jolly Holly Balloon Twister to your next party or event and she can teach beginning balloon twisting to your guests.

Call or invite Jolly Holly to your next event! 610-868-2242